Eric Wong The Shoulder Flexibility Solution.

Do you have tight shoulders causing you not just poor flexibility, but so much pain and really poor posture?

Have you attempt to exercise the tightness yourself by simply stretching in place with no any luck?

Then you’re not alone! more than 70% of the population handles some form of flexibility issue and shoulder tightness that they are unable to just get rid of.

If you are ready to actually do something about these kinds of stiff shoulders, then Eric Wong has created a shoulder flexibility exercises to help you loosen up the shoulders once and for all.

However, will it really work for you?

This Shoulder Flexibility solution review will look at what he’s providing and why it may be something you actually need to try for yourself.

Eric Wong is a coach for UFC fighters like Claude Patrick and Jeff Joslin and different mixed martial arts fighters.

He the author of the popular program for mixed martial artists known as the “Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning program”, and also have different programs and workouts.



After his huge success “Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning Program”

Now its time to look at Eric Wong program.

The Shoulder Flexibility Solution:

Tight shoulders and every one of the associated problems, that include: dangerous untidy posture, inability to the touch your hands behind your back, forward head, problem reaching overhead and doing overhead exercises, body structure problems, neck pain and tightness, nerve impingement’s and additional  annoying issues wherever tight shoulders are typically the problem.

So Eric Wong through years of study and experimentation on himself and his athletes, he produce The Shoulder Flexibility solution known as The 3D Flexibility System,It addresses all of the factors limiting your flexibility so you’ll be able to unlock your tight shoulders and use your body without restrictions, pain or injury.

How The Shoulder Flexibility Solution Works?

The Shoulder Flexibility Solution program uses a system called the 3D Flexibility System that addresses all the explanations your shoulders are so tight.

It helps you get the flexibility you would like without causing any pain.

The system focuses on things like improving joint stability to assist relax your muscles and improve your ability to manage your muscles, which will help improve flexibility and strength.

Flexibility Factors:

  • Strength Factor #1: Joint Stabilizer
  • Strength Factor #2: Core
  • Strength Factor #3: Prime Mover
  • Neuromuscular Factor #1: Control
  • Neuromuscular Factor #2: Reflexes
  • Neuromuscular Factor #3: Pain Tolerance
  • Soft Tissue Factor #1: Muscle
  • Soft Tissue Factor #2: Fascia
  • Soft Tissue Factor #3: Joint Capsule

Advantages of The Shoulder Flexibility Solution:

  • Easy to use. Just follow the Shoulder Flexibility Solution program and obtain results.
  • Enhance your shoulder flexibility and enjoy more freedom to carry out what you would like to do.
  • Reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain once you increase flexibility.
  • Increase your posture that affects your entire physical health and your look.
  • Obtain stronger shoulders.
  • The entire information is downloadable instantly so you can start now.

The 6 Powerful Shoulder Flexibility Routines

:The Behind The Back Routine:

Helps you touch your hands behind your back. Eric says that not having the ability to touch your hands is really abnormal and indicates issues in the body. This routine is focuses on releasing tissues that are restricted and building functional strength.

:The Forward Head Posture Routine:

Helps you obtain the right head position for a healthy neck, jaw, and spine. If you ever desire you may be leaning too far forward with your head, this may assist you turn things around and gain the correct posture that promotes better physical health.

:The Overhead Routine:

This routine helps you increase your range of motion and reach overhead. The routine doesn’t just target the shoulder, but the thoracic spine and also the core as well

:The Rounded Shoulders Routine:

This routine helps you fix the problem of rounded shoulders and automatically sit in a posture that’s beneficial to your strength, flexibility, and spine.

:The Winged Scapula Routine:

This one helps you fix a problem where the shoulder blade protrudes from the rear in an abnormal position. This problem can easily lead to injury, so it need to be take care of.

:The Pre-Workout Shoulder Prep:

And this routine helps you increase the mobility of your shoulders. This routine should be done before your workouts to assist you lift with less effort, and by doing so it’ll assist you increase your personal record.

Shoulder Flexibility Solution


  • Forget about pain killers, Shoulder Flexibility exercises offers a rapid,  comprehensive and natural solution.
  • You will not be only addressing tight shoulders, you will see results in your overall health too.
  • Shoulder Flexibility Solution is not time consuming at all, 15 minutes per day is all you need.
  • It definitely offers a solution to ease shoulder and other related pains
  • It is supported by thousands of users who claimed positive results in their testimonials.
  • In less than 4 weeks you will be able to gain flexibility, strength and mobility in your shoulder.
  • Shoulder Flexibility Solution is very easy to follow as it includes graphics and videos.
  • Shoulder Flexibility exercises is not time consuming at all, 15 minutes per day is all you need.
  • You have one full year of money back guarantee, yes, you have one year to try it risk free.


  • Shoulder Flexibility Solution is not magical. It is easy and no time consuming but it does demands effort and consistency.
  • It is not the most economic program you will ever find on the market, but it is worth every cent as it sure is the most comprehensive program on tight shoulders.
  • It comes only on a digital format, you will have instant access to the videos and PDF manuals.

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Shoulder Flexibility solution is actually incredible.

The hip flexibility solution by him was high quality with regard to professionalism and content but this product is entirely better than his hip flexibility solution.

It seems that Eric surely likes to undersell and also over deliver which is really an excellent trait to obtain.

And just like Eric says in his video, several shoulder products focusing primarily on stretching or even mainly on mobility whereas his product really targets dynamic as well as mobility, static stretching, relief of muscle tension, decreasing muscle imbalances and lot more.

This shoulder flexibility exercises comes with all you need to fix your shoulders and also get them back on the right track.

If you have any kind of shoulder problems then you have to grab a copy of Shoulder Flexibility solution. even though it’s strictly for injury prevention.

It also comes with a refund of 1-year money-back guarantee,  so it’s an amazing risk free purchase.





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